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Pocket PC Forensic Software

Pocket PC forensic software deeply examines windows based pocket pc smartphone for extracting complete information such as files, database records, operating system registry records and phone information. Application forensic data extraction software is very easy to use even for non-technical background users and shows details mobile manufacturer name, model number, subscriber number, serial number (IMEI), phone contact number etc.

Some of the supported Pocket PC and PDA mobile device to send SMS includes Anextek SP230 , Asus P525 Pocket PC Phone, Asus P505 Pocket PC Phone, Audiovox PPC-6601, Audiovox SMT5600, Audiovox PPC, Audiovox PPC 5050, Audiovox Thera, Carrier Devices i-Mate Smartphone, Dopod StrTrk S300, E-ten M600 Pocket PC Phone, E-ten P300B Pocket PC Phone, Gigabyte gSmart i120, Gigabyte gSmart, Gotive H41 mobile communicator, GSMK Cryptophone, Hitachi Pocket PC phone, HP iPAQ hw6515, HP iPAQ h6300, HTC MteoR Smartphone, HTC TyTN Pocket PC phone, HTC Universal reference platform, HTC Wizard and Apache reference platforms, HTC Blue Angel and Harrier reference platforms, HTC Typhoon reference platform, HTC Amadeus reference platform, HTC Magician reference platform, i-mate PDAL and JAQ3, i-mate Smartflip etc.

Price : $79

Pocket PC Forensic Software

Important Software Features:

  • Easily analyze pocket pc mobile phones and extract details like files, OS registry, database and phone information.
  • Extracts all useful information and evidence from the pocket PC and smart phones in the easiest way.
  • Shows hardware information such as mobile manufacturer name, model number, subscriber number, serial number (IMEI), battery status and signal quality status of the mobile phone.
  • Software is capable to display software details including contact numbers, text messages, appointment and task information of users.
  • Save generated report in HTML or TEXT file format for further use.
  • Non technical user can easily operate the tool.

Why to use Data Doctor’s Pocket PC forensic software?

  • 24x7 technical support.
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  • Affordable Price.
  • FREE Trial Software.

Mobile Phone Inspector Software

Price : $69